Tamiki Wakaki
    Tamiki Wakaki
    Birthday: May 9, 1972
    Gender: Male
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/angelfrench
    Website: http://blog.wakakitamiki.coolblog.jp/
    - Was assistant of TAKEMURA Yuuji
    - From Gofuku nursery school, he went to Ikeda Shibuya Middle school, Kitano High School and then Kyoto university
    - Loves sweets. His parents forbid him from confectionery when he was a child turn him into confectionery maniac when he becomes adult
    - Fan of Takahashi Rumiko, loves Maison Ikkoku so much that he loved Otonashi Kyouko more than his girlfriend in high school that time
    - Joined Kyoto Micro Computer Club in college, for a simple reason, the girl who sat next to him in freshman tea party also joined the club
    - In the past, known as a charisma in ero game world when he managed an adult ero game review site "Eroge Countdown" as PERO (the site has closed for more than 10 years now)
    - Loves David Bowie, all Oshii Mamoru's movies, England team (soccer), First Gundam, Nagai Ken, Mister Itou's Langley (langue de chat biscuit)
    - Hates tile joint, humid place, freeze-dried toufu, German team (soccee), Gundam other than First Gundam, Egawa Tatsuya
    - In his first serialization, he put a lot of plot device from the start of the manga, and when the manga got cancelled, it left a lot of unexplained things, so he put the explanations in his blog. From that, in his second serialization he didn't immediately put any obvious plot line and only a vague foreshadowing if any, also if the manga cancelled, he can finish it without left anything behind unexplained
    - His twitter account "angelfrench" name is from a Mister Donuts menu