Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
    Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
    Birth Place: Hokkaido, Japan
    Birthday: Dec 9, 1947

    Born in Hokkaido in December 1947, he dropped out of Hirosaki University in 1970 to work for Mushi-Production as an animator and later as a cartoonist. Later he went freelance and worked on animation productions for television. Some of his most notable works as character designer and director are "Reideen the Brave", "Con-battler V" and "Mobile Suit Gundam". In 1981 he won the Seiun Award in the Art category. In 1988 he started working as a manga artist. In 1992 he won the Nippon Manga-ka Kyokai (Japan Cartoonists Society) Award.

    He is also known as a novelist and an illustrator for science fiction.


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