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Alternate names: もやし, アキ, 社長の巣箱, Moe no Koyashi, Moeko, Moyap, Moyasshi, Shachou no Subako
Birthday: Aug 13
Given name: あき
Twitter: https://twitter.com/moyasshi
Website: http://crc-uni.boo.jp/
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Leo

Her older sister introduced her to manga by showing Aki the comics she drew and later buying her a Saint Seiya doujinshi. She became a mangaka mainly because of her father's and sister's influences, both of whom she said are fans of anime and manga. She grew up surrounded by anime such as Doraemon, which is largely due to her father's interest in anime.

After being introduced to the Saint Seiya doujinshi, she became interested in doujinshi of other series, such as Gundam Wing. In 2000, she started up her own doujinshi circle, Shachou no Subako (a Gensou Suikoden centered circle, which recently began releasing Road to Dragons doujinshi as well). Later, in 2006, she published her first series, Utahime, in Libre Shuppan's Kurofune Zero. In addition to being a mangaka, Aki also illustrates light novels.

She owns two dogs.

Tools: IllustStudio, Cintiq 13HD