Bisco Hatori
    Bisco Hatori
    Associated Names: Hatori Bisko, Hatori Bisuko
    Birth Place: Saitama Prefecture, Japan. She was actually born in Aomori and grew up in Saitama, Fukushima, and Chiba. The proper order is: Aomori -> Saitama -> Fukushi -> Saitama- > Chiba- > Saitama. From Hatori writing in Chapter 12 of Ouran High Scho
    Birthday: August 30, 1975
    Blood Type: AB
    Gender: Female
    Official Website:
    Zodiac: Virgo
    Bisco Hatori is a pseudonym; she states that the name has special meaning to her. She has worked for such magazines as LaLa. Her manga debut was A Moment of Romance in LaLa DX. Her first series was Millennium Snow. However, the comedy Ouran High School Host Club is her breakout hit.

    According to author notes in Ouran High School Host Club, when she's stuck thinking up names for her characters, she is inspired by loud, upbeat music (her radio is set to NACK5 FM). She loves reading all kinds of manga, and was especially influenced by Please Save My Earth, a classic shōjo science fiction series, and the basketball classic Slam Dunk.

    Her graduated assistants include ONDA Shizuru and HIOU Izumi.

    Her best friend is OGURA Akane.