CJ Michalski
    CJ Michalski
    Associated Names: シージェイミチャルスキー, BIKKURI Pancho, C.J. Michalski, KUSAKABE Eliza, M2 COMPANY, M2 Press, M^2 COMPANY, SHIIJEI Micharusukii, XX's
    Birthday: Mar 13,
    Family name: ミチャルスキー
    Given name: シージェイ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cj_michalski
    Website: http://m2co.org/
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Also writes under the pen-name of Pancho Bikkuri.

    - Her doujinshi circles are called M2 COMPANY and XX's. Her circle members are KOUJIMA Naduki and HIMAWARI Souya.
    - She likes fairies and foreigners.
    - Her nationality is Japanese, and she's not Jewish, the pen-name is meant to be funny.
    - Has a shota-complex.

    (Once self proclaimed a "Russian living in America", but at the same time she also claimed she's 14 years old...so that was obviously a joke.))