Tommy Ohtsuka
    Tommy Ohtsuka
    Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: 大塚
    Given name: トミイ
    Tommy Ohtsuka is intended to be read with Ohtsuka (大塚) as his surname and Tommy (トミイ) as his first. Despite this, his pseudonym is actually written in western name order, and the correct way of writing it is トミイ大塚.

    He is a co-founder of Studio Zombie along with his fellow Slayers series co-worker Yoshihiro Komada.

    He has attended three anime conventions in the US and Canada: Canadian National Anime Expo August 23-25, 2002 Big Apple Anime Fest August 30 - September 2, 2002 Canadian National Anime Expo August 22-24, 2003

    At BAAF he was billed as being involved with Saber Marionette and Orphen despite not being credited in them and listing neither amongst his works.

    He has also illustrated series for Marvel (Lords of Avalon, New Mangaverse: Rings of Fate), and provided cover artwork for others.