Hinase Momoyama
    Hinase Momoyama
    Alternate names: 相賀 うい, Ui Aiga
    Birthday: Sep 27,
    Family name: 桃山
    Given name: ひなせ
    Twitter: @momokibidanngo
    pixiv: #1547680
    Momoyama Hinase won the 5th Monthly Shonen Gangan Manga Encouragement Award with Shi no Butou (死の舞踏) under the name Aiga in 2002, and the 2nd Square Enix Manga Encouragement Award with Will in 2003. In 2004, had the one-shot Gaishi no Jouken (鎧師の条件) published in a special edition of Gangan Powered, in 2006 the one-shot Komachiwa (コマちわ) published in March edition of Monthly Gangan Wing and switched to using the Momoyama penname. Was the artist for a one-shot adaption of Emeth: Ningyoutsukai no Shima (emeth ~人形遣いの島~) for Gangan Wing after the original novel won a Square Enix prize.