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Junichi Fujisaku

Junichi Fujisaku

Birthday: Aug 6, 1967
Family name: 藤咲
Given name: 淳一
Birth place: Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Junichi Fujisaku is an anime director, scriptwriter, game designer and novelist. 

He joined Production I.G as Game Production Department Chief Director, but soon became one of Team Oshii's core members. With Kamiyama Kenji, he participated to the creation of the theatrical feature Blood: The Last Vampire (2000). The girl in sailor suit fighting monsters with a Japanese sword was in fact Fujisaku's idea. For the Blood franchise he also directed the game version and wrote the novelization. He later gave his valuable contribution to the expansion of the Ghost in the Shell world, writing the scripts for many episodes of the Stand Alone Complex series, producing and directing the game version for PS2, and writing three related novels. 

In 2005 he debuted as TV series director with Blood+. Latest credits include the mobile manga XX and TV series Real Drive and Erin, the Beast Player as story supervisor. 


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