Kaho Miyasaka
    Kaho Miyasaka
    Alternate names: 宫坂香帆, 宮阪香帆
    Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
    Birthday: Oct 17
    Gender: Female
    Given name: 香帆
    Website: http://www.k-miyasaka.com/
    Favorite Foods: tomatoes, tofu and vanilla ice cream. 
    Favorite Colors: black and white. 
    Favorite Movies: Romeo & Juliet, The Lord of the Rings, Love Actually, Chicago, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

    Stands in front of a mirror when she needs an idea of how to draw a certain pose.. she even sometimes uses her sister as a model. 

    Loves to do research for her serials, like going out into the pouring rain, or going shopping for ideas. Especially when she gets free samples. 

    Uses theme songs for her works.