Claire Rouge
    Claire Rouge

    Claire Rouge is the leader of Team Scarlet and an elementalist using the flame spirit Scarlet, which can transform into a whip. She is under the "Raven Class" which is infamous for being a class for problem students such as herself. Her reputation of being a sister of a traitor often led her to be alienated by most students, causing her to be on her own for the most part, and leading her to seek a more powerful spirit, which is why she never stops pestering Kamito to be her contracted spirit, despite the latter's refusal. She used to be a noble who is part of the "Duchy of Elstein"; however, she dropped her original family name four years after the incident where her sister Rubia Elstein (The Calamity Queen) was involve in the destruction of the Ordesia empire. She is friends with Rinslet, although their day-to-day interactions are more like those of rivals. Rinslet often makes fun of Claire's flat chest during their arguments. She is the youngest daughter of the Elstein noble family It is later revealed that the reason she looks for a strong spirit is to win the Blade Dance and make a wish to meet her elder sister Rubia and ask her why she betrayed the kingdom She is capable of casting End of Vermillion, a Flame-Burning Flame. She made a contract with a flame spirit which has served the Elstein family, Scarlet. During the final of the Blade Dance, Claire is kidnapped and forced to become the Darkness Queen in order to awaken the Demon King inside Kamito When Claire engaged with Luminaris from Holy Kingdom Lugia in the Blade Dance, Restia told her that Scarlet's power has been sealed, and drew Scarlet's true power by calling her true name which had been lost in the distant past, Ortlinde. After calling her true name, Scarlet transformed from her cat form to that of a red-haired girl with cat ears. Ortlinde is a Spirit Weapon who was once known as the bloodstained princess, the utmost treasure entrusted to the Elstein family.


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