Owl Partita
Owl Partita
Before the War Partita was a very nice woman with a radiant smile and seems to embrace everything in a very positive way. One day, she tells Pandora that she is pregnant and that she will name her child Tenma because, in Japanese, it means “Pegasus”. Pandora is happy with this, and, later on, she discovered that her own mother is pregnant with her little brother (who is Hades’ soul) which makes Pandora extremely happy and able to see everything in “glow”.
But after her brother was born, he mysteriously disappeared from the castle with Hypnos blaming it on an Athena’s Saint. Pandora, enraged and furious with the loss of her little brother, orders both Partita and her son to be killed. In a flashback – when we find out Partita’s true motives – it seems that she died protecting her little boy but later succumbed to the cold . The child was taken by Mephistopheles Youma, who was later revealed to be Partita’s husband. Uranus GuardianIn another twist of the series, it is discovered that Partita had been resurrected after Youma enters the scene and reveals the secret. She humbly embraces Pandora with calm words, before tearing her dress apart, leaving her to die, Youma then teleports his wife and his son to the Uranus Temple. Tenma finds himself shocked when he realizes he is no longer in the Saturn temple. However, he finds himself even more shocked as soon as he sees his mother clothed in a Surplice. The Pegasus Saint says that he won’t fight his mother and she comes closer to him, holding him in her arms. Still, this wasn’t an act of mercy as she releases a power burst of her cosmo claiming that she was going to kill him.
She then reveals her master plan: even at the cost of her own life, she would protect him so the soul of the “god slayer” would be save and that now she returned to regain it in order to use it to destroy the Olympus Gods so she and her husband (Youma) can bring a new era to the world. Tenma continues to remember his mother’s good side, and refuses to fight her. Partita watches this with disdain while saying that she only wants Pegasus’ soul as her own child. But before she could kill Tenma, another great burst of Cosmo stops her from doing it. She immediately recognizes the lighting-based attack as Pandora’s. Claiming that Pandora will create her own reality, she attacks Partita saying that she , this time, will succeed in destroying both mother and son. Although she probably moves thanks to her determination, her Cosmo is not capable of suffice enough to actually cause Partita any damage. Actually it is the Owl Specter that decides to erase Pandora from her misery sending them to the Underworld with another powerful blast of pure Cosmo. But Tenma - sick of all the fights– says that he won’t allow his mother to kill Pandora even if she is his enemy. With his strong will, his Pegasus Bronze Cloth turns into a Golden shine (similar to the Bronze Cloths of Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, and Shun in the Poseidon’s arc of the original series). The Uranus Guardian quickly disdains the Golden shine of the Bronze Cloth, saying that is merely a coat. Tenma answers that the lives of all his friends are inside the Cloth, and so it’s not just a coat. He then attacks Partita and, in a clash of the two forces, the Bronze Saint manages to partially destroy her surplice. It is during this confrontation that Pandora realizes something: there isn’t one surplice or a cloth – that she knows of – that represents the Owl. Again during the battle, Tenma attempts to strike again at his mother, but she now, easily, stops his attack. Then an eye appears from her Surplice and sends some kind of radiation that completely destroys the Bronze Cloth. Immediately after that Partita claims that she’ll take Pegasus’ soul. She succeeds in said task, and it can be seen that Tenma’s soul is not common among mortals (As pointed out by Pandora, although the reasons why she said this are unknown). But, as always, the Pegasus Saint was too stubborn to give up and decided to try to force his soul back in his body. The leader of Hades’ army advises not to do it, as it could cause irreparable damages. While holding on to his soul, a feather of the Pegasus’ wing (Tenmas soul took the shape of a Pegasus) touched the broken parts of his armor leading to its resurrect ion in the marvelous form of a God Cloth Messenger Of Olympus Partita beholds Tenma’s God Cloth and then the two engage in a battle with the Pegasus Saint’s power raised to the very maximum. In a clash between the two, Partita’s Surplice gets partly crashed and as she falls from the sky, we seen that she was, actually, someone important in Athena’s army.
During a conversation she had with her Goddess, it was revealed that Athena planned – on an unspecific Holy War – to be reborn as a human; something that Owl really disliked. Fearing that Athena could not find Pegasus so he could help her winning the Holy War, Partita decided to be reborn as a human to help Pegasus and Athena find each other. She later says how her little boy seems to be willing to die fighting for the sake of her Goddess. She dies in the arms of her beloved son.


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