Name: Lan
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Occupation: Apostle


Lan is an angelic apostle who attempts to kill Jin-Ryu, but allies with him after protecting Mi-Ryu.

Though his exact age is unknown, Lan appears to be a tall, handsome young man in his late teens to early twenties. As an angel, he has inherited characteristic light blonde hair, fair skin, and pale green eyes. For his wardrobe, Lan tends to favor pale hues and airy, lightweight clothing.

Depending on the luminence of his surroundings, Lan's hair color varies from towheaded to regular blond; though more often inclined towards the fairer end of the spectrum. His hair is fairly straight and medium length, usually parted on the left (from his point of view) and falling in thick bangs that obscure his right eye.

The angel's eyes are very bright and sharp as well, often appearing to be a pale yellow/green combination.

When Lan makes his first appearance, he appears to be offhandedly cruel and cold, having no qualms over using Rantain and Miryu Ryu to goad Jin Ryu into fighting at his fullest extent. After first taking Miryu hostage, he proceeds to injure Rantain in her chest, then slashing Miryu Ryu over his nose to the point of unconsciousness; all whilst smiling and casually informing Jin Ryu that he is still waiting. However, only minutes later when Jin Ryu's mother appears, Lan promptly allies with Jin Ryu to protect Miryu. 

Later, Lan heals everyone who was wounded in the fight he instigated. He seems somewhat contrite for his actions, and informs Jin that he never had any intention of harming Miryu.

Eventually, it is his urge to protect Miryu that causes him to overlook personal differences with Jin and ally with him.


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