Eros Lanson
    Eros Lanson

    21 years old and is a famous director in US.
    His height is 188cms, and he weighs 75kg's.
    His hobby is to pretend to be a homeless man named Yin and wander about.


    Elder twin, Fashion Runway Director (silver eyes, yin yan yao guai) also called the Silver-Eyed Monster by Lele. He helps her through out her journey in becoming a model. He grows interested in her and is believed to have a crush on her. He wears one earring saying "yin" given to him by Lele when she left Japan. He becomes protective of Lele, always bailing her out when she gets into trouble. He becomes jealous when Angus kisses Lele, prompting him to kiss her. Lele manages to trick him into playing her pretend boyfriend so she can get into a role. He is shown to have a dark past. He was raised in an orphange because his mother could not care for him.


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