General traits: One of the smarter puchidols, it likes to play practical jokes on other puchidols and on humans. It is a real glutton and even more addicted to onigiri than Miki is, so it often gets into scuffles with Miki about onigiri. It sleeps a lot and not even loud shouting will cause it to wake up. It often gloats about a certain difference in physique between itself and Chihya. 

    Seasonal changes: When summer comes, it sheds its blond hair and grows brown hair. Moreover, its ahoge becomes heart-shaped. 

    Calls: "Afu!" (あふぅ) and "Na no!" (ナノ). In brownhaired form it uses "Hanii!" (はにぃ) at Makoto and Producer. 

    Other things of note: The accepted unit of length among puchidols is 1 Afu = Afu's body length. For example it is used when measuring swimming distance or estimating how far away a fellow puchidol is. It is unclear whether or not Afu's ahoge is included in 1 Afu. 

    Discovered by: Ami 
    Named by: Ami 
    First appearance: Chapter 1


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