General traits: It is more mature and much mellower than most other puchidols. It has the mysterious ability to teleport across great distances, even to the other side of the earth. Somehow it can teleport to the location of the person it is thinking of at the time, but it is not always accurate. Moreover, when startled it can teleport spontaneously to a random location. It can bring along people who are holding on to it and is therefore often used as a means of transportation. It likes to stroke the hair of other puchidols, but usually the other's hair ends up messy. Chihya's attitude towards it is not the best, because of a certain difference in physique. It seems to be the only puchidol inclined to drink alcoholic beverages.

    Seasonal changes: None.

    Calls: "Ara!" (あらー).

    Discovered by: Iori and Yayoi while in Egypt
    Named by: Haruka
    First appearance: Chapter 11


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