General traits: One of the more mature and calmer puchidols, it often helps out around the office and is more efficient at paperwork than Kotori is. Although it does not have any visible wings, it has the ability to fly and can even carry people while flying. For example, it is seen hovering in the same spot while carrying Producer, though it does appear to be quite strained from the effort. It is very agile and can easily avoid dangers by quickly taking to the air in an acrobatic manner. However, it relies on its eyesight and since it has the habit of wearing a sleeping mask during sleep, it can panic and fly around at random if it is startled while sleeping.

    Seasonal changes: None.

    Calls: "Pi!" (ぴっ), "Pii!" (ぴー).

    Other things of note: Piyopiyo was first seen in THE iDOLM@STER SP DLC catalogue 3, before it made its first appearance in the manga. It is the only puchidol not to appear on the two drama CDs, because of Juri Takita's pregnancy at the time of recording.

    Discovered by: Producer
    Named by: Chihaya
    First appearance: Chapter 10


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