General traits: It is sensitive to sound and comes running if it hears a coin falling onto the floor. Usually it then goes on to pick up the coin with its teeth. It also has excellent sense of smell and in particular it can smell food even from very far away. Sometimes its hearing and smelling abilities are put to use by sending it out to find things, for example a lost Miurasan. However, this is not always successful since it can easily get distracted by the sound of coins or the smell of food. It can catch fish without equipment, similarly to how a bear does it. It is also a very good swimmer.

    Seasonal changes: In winter, its hair grows immensely long and becomes almost completely unmanageable. In spring, a bamboo shoot grows out of the top of its head. This bamboo shoot can be removed and then a new bamboo shoot grows out immediately.

    Calls: "Un-uun!" (うっうー), "Uun!" (うぅ〜).

    Discovered by: Takane
    Named by: Takane
    First appearance: Chapter 7


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