Kou Yukina
    Kou Yukina

    Birthday: September 6
    Blood Type: A
    Height: 186 cm
    Weight: approx. 66 kg
    Shoe Size: 27.5 cm
    Star sign: Virgo
    Favourite foods: anything
    Worst foods: not anything in particular
    Strengths: forward facing and optimistic
    Weaknesses: actually quite obstinate


    Yukina is a 21-year-old clerk in charge of the shoujo manga section at the bookstore, Marimo books. He's been aware of Kisa coming in to watch him, but when he finds out Kisa is the editor behind all of his favorite works he begins to develop feelings for him. He's willing to fight to make Kisa understand that what they feel for each other is real. And that Kisa is able to actually fall in love.


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