Shuto Katsuragi
    Shuto Katsuragi
    For the longest time Shuto has been obsessed with heroes and his one dream in life is to become on. Prevailing justice, stopping evil-doers, and winning the adoration of the public eye are all things he desires in life. Unfortunately Shuto is a bit of a pipsqueak and suffers from a Napoleon complex. How the heck is he ever going to become a hero if he’s so short? Making matters worse is the fact that he’s made fun of by his peers, considered to be a geek, and even has to have his butt saved by a girl when some bullies come around.

    In the midst of all this Shuto has been pretty oblivious to the world around him that didn’t involve superheroes. For instance he’s pretty much the only kid in the entire school who the beautiful ice queen named Mizushima talks to or bothers with. It’s that friendship, and his love of heroes, that lands Shuto in an interesting situation. You see Mizushima is the younger sister of a scientist who runs a secret Evil Organization known as Jackal. A plot surfaces to kidnap Shuto and transform him into the super-powered Ratman. Due to his short stature, and the fact that the transformation process negates his height, he’s the perfect candidate for a secret identity.


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