Fang-Fang Huang
Fang-Fang Huang
He is an effeminate first-year student who debuts in chapter 23 of the second serialization. Fang-Fang is a Chinese yōkai whose father is the leader of a major Triad organization, and entered Yokai Academy to recruit powerful subordinates. He is a Yasha, and can summon other monsters to fight on his behalf, though only one can be summoned at a time and a major drawback to it is that they are summoned at random. He is occasionally accompanied by a giant panda, which he claims is his servant. His abilites are inherited from his father; however, he is also a powerful martial-artist, which his mother is. Fang-Fang is particularly interested in recruiting Tsukune, having heard of his taking out a human Yakuza group and mistakenly believing that he, not Gin and Haji, was responsible for destroying Fairy Tale's 7th Branch. When he first asked Tsukune to join, he accidentally painted himself as a homosexual. He has often had nosebleeds from the girls, suggesting he is not homosexual.After witnessing Inner Moka's power, he decides that Tsukune and Moka are an "invincible partnership" (also assuming without basis that Inner Moka is Tsukune's wife), and wishes to recruit them both. Recently, he knows of Moka's rosario when he heard a "creak" from the seal, and in chapter 28, he leaps for joy as he has friends over to his house for the first time. He later becomes more of a regular character as the series progresses, often serving as comic relief, and becomes a major character in the Fairy Tale HQ arc. He is often shown to be insecure in the fact he is inferior to Gin, something the rest of the cast constantly reminds him of.


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