Kaname Tsukahara
    Kaname Tsukahara

    Age: 16-17
    Birthday: September 16
    Height: 172 cm
    Blood type: A
    Likes: mystery novels, ramen, yakisoba
    Dislikes: drawing, handicrafts


    He is the Student Council President and Class Representative in his second-year class, wherein he was in the same class as Yuuki and Chizuru. He is the wealthiest among his friends as often pointed out by Yuuta and Yuuki. He has a short temper and often gets mad by his friends' foolish actions. Kaname was in love with his kindergarten teacher, Kaori-sensei, which the twins enjoy teasing him about and wanted to be like a guy named Kouichi, who later became his high school teacher, Azuma-sensei.


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