Shion Eliphas Levi
    Shion Eliphas Levi
    He is one of the powerful three Sages of the West who is also known as the one who committed a lot of crimes but never where been punished. Known is that he committed those crimes to protect the ones for who he cares or there is something important. He later sees Emma a girl who posses the powerful Echidna in her body. The two of them met before but Emma doesn't remember him. The two are getting close to each other which Shion is protecting her with his life. 
    He has a cat named Anise, they have an extremely close bond and his loyal and trusted dragon Sieg. Later they meet Luu that comes from the Andorra Outlands and later will be the daughter of Shion and Emma. They also meet enemies such as Zodia Sink and his trusted comrade Garnett and the powerful Black Magicians Magi. Shion protects his family to death to complete the ritual Magico and erase the Echidna from Emma's body. 
    He has a calm looking personality but suddenly change when he's in a fight about something important. He's known to risk his life for the ones for who he cares and for the ones who needs his help for extremely good reasons. He is the strongest mage and has been classified as the "Black Mage" on the "S" rank. Shion loves to eat weird food and like weird things which many of his friends doesn't understand why he loves it. Shion is known for not being a quitter and will continue the ritual to achieve it. 
    In his younger years he trained with Grandpa Garlan to obtain the broom magic. He couldn't defeat thousand powerful Agiri Monsters that he can summoned, but he still head on to defeat them. At one day he succeed defeating the Agiri Monsters and a start of his broom magic has been begun. Since then he has been known in Fool's Town by many of peoples and evenly got his fan base. While traveling further, he then meets Emma that offers him food after she sees that he was starving. She risked her life to give Shion her bread with Shion accepts that and heads on further with his journey, he became interested in Emma ever since then. He then entered the kingdom of Zodia Sink to get a book about to know more about the ritual Magico. He leaved after that Zodia and he has a conversation of teamwork which Shion turned his offer down. 


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