She is the current holder of the powerful magic called Echidna. Due that she has that powerful force of magic, she has been locked up in a unknown area with guards to protect her. Many of other mages are searching for her after that Marouni Gate had leaked about her appearance. There are many reasons ranging from absolute strength, share the magic with everyone, or prevent the world to be destroyed.
    She meets Shion, a powerful mage and one of the three sages of the west. Shion helps her to seal the echidna to follow the magico ritual. 
    In her past she has been locked up in an unknown area, where she learns most of her things through the books that she had inside. She had been protected by a lone guard from escaping the house, even when she is able to leave the house, the magical thorns which surrounds the house prevents her from taking any further step. If she approaches, it starts to grow big and starts to attack her. She met and see that he is starving of hunger which she offers him her bread which he happily accepts it, but the thorns grows bigger and bigger which they where been separated from each other. At the age of 16 years, she finally could escaped from her place and head to Hawk Eye. 
    At her first appearance when she succeed escaping from her house, she had a hobo liked figure, later it has been changed by Shion's magic wearing good clothes. She had clear brown hair and eyes color. She has a free personality. She is always taking things seriously and literally in her own way, but she has been corrected a lot by Shion and Anise. She doesn't have a great recollection evenly that there wasn't any events happened in her past, she doesn't evenly remembered the time when she gave Shion bread. She can make easy friends and prove love to someone. She deeply loves Shion which she mostly cries when he is in a battle and faint when Luu is in a battle. She's also very lucky, seeing how she can win every gamble. 


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