Luu is an unknown magical girl that has her residents somewhere in the outland. She is able to use the powerful magic named Chain Summon Magic, which when she hits a enemy on a certain power, the technique will appear. She becomes the daughter of Shion and Emma and the little sister of Anise. She has a warm-hearted attitude but change when she doesn't like someone. 
    She has two personalities in which she shows that she can be adorable for others but when someone is threatening her she becomes paranoid and angry. She is a very strong girl, training herself in the forest where she calls herself the biggest star in the forest because she knows the place greatly. She told Shion that she has created three homes in the forest alone, after which Shion questions her why she doesn't use her magic to create a living center for herself, she then looks further. It seems that she has a rude past. 
    Luu was an orphaned girl living in a village called Euroza located near the forest. She was called a cursed child because her mother had once bathed in the Holy Spring of Luna and then gave birth to her. She then lefted the village leaving her daughter in the village. One day she saw a little girl being praised for using magic. She then went to the library to look up magic and found one she liked. Luu then started to hit a rock over and over again until she successes in it. However, even then she was still called a cursed girl. Then when the village's vegetables was being cursed, they decided to use her as a live sacrifice. They told her to jump off a cliff and then live in the forest. They told her that she would be considered as the village god, then they pushed her over. 


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