Ryuuichi Asami
    Ryuuichi Asami

    Date of Birth: August 4
    Age: 35
    Blood Type: AB
    Occupation: Businessman
    Annual Income: 11-figure income
    Residence: Tokyo
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 78 kg
    Shoe Size: 28 cm
    Eyesight: Sharp observer
    Special Skills/Abilities, etc.: Teiou University, Economics Major


    A shrewd, powerful businessman who deals in shady businesses as well has having connections with underworld leaders in China, Asami Ryuichi's past is never really known. It's shown that he does have one or two scruples left, although he is blatantly possessive and dominating. After having left Hong Kong without a word seven years ago, Asami had gone on with his businesses, and ended up meeting a photographer, Takaba Akihito, who had photographed vital evidence and was looking to expose him.


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