Feilong Liu
    Feilong Liu

    Date of Birth: February 1
    Age: 28
    Blood Type: B
    Occupation: Head of a Chinese drug syndicate
    Leader of a Chinese Triad group
    Annual Revenue: Unknown (black market profits)
    Birthplace & Residence: Hong-Kong
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Shoe Size: 27 cm
    Martial Arts: Wushu, Kung-fu


    Born in China on February 1st, Feilong is the Head of Chinese drug syndicate, and leader of a Chinese Mafia group. His stronghold is located in Hong Kong. He was raised as the second son of the Hong Kong Mafia, the Ryou family, along with his brother, Yan-tzu. He assists his brother and does the dirty work. A man who pines for his father's attention, he is unaware that he is not the Ryou's true son, and that Yan-tzu harbors lustful designs towards him.


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