Sistine Fibel
    Sistine Fibel

    Alias: Sisti/White Cat/Shironeko/Sistina
    Birthday: December 24
    Height: 157 cm


    She admires magic greatly and wishes to discover the secret of the Flying castle, which no one knows. She specialises in Air Magic.

    Sistine is a stunningly beautiful woman with long silver hair and olive-green eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform.

    Sistine Fibel maintains a strict, no-nonsense demeanor personality and often scolds Glenn Radars for his lackadaisical attitude. She initially hates Glenn, believing him to be as incompetent as he looked due to his lack of enthusiasm, however when he started teaching, she wanted to refuse but she accepted what a good teacher he was.

    When Sistine was younger she promised her grandfather that she would unravel the mysteries of the Sky Castle. Her grandfathers death fulled her desire for learning and honing her magic skills.


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