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Setsuna, also known as "Setsuna of the Moment of Dreams," is the Absolute Angel Claiomh Solais (Kurau Sorasu). She fights alongside Kyōshirō as his partner. Rarely expressing any emotion, she is a perfect beauty who does everything flawlessly, but seems to act solely based on Kyōshirō's orders and wishes, not her own will. Setsuna begins to grow jealous of Kyōshirō and Kū's closeness, but she holds back her feelings so as to not trouble Kyōshirō. When Kyōshirō confesses his love for Kū, however, Setsuna betrays her emotions for the first time.

Setsuna's Absolute Angel symbol is located on her right arm, which is the dominant hand in Claiomh Solais.


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