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Takuto Kira

Takuto Kira


Birthday: September 27
Sign: Libra
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Blood type: O
Shoe size: 26 cm
Favorite food: sweet things and candy
Dislikes: Natto


Takuto is a shinigami, AKA a Death God, partnered with another shinigami named Meroko. They are assigned to take Mitsuki's soul. His shinigami costume is a cat outfit with a backpack with wings, without which he would not enjoy the power of flight because he is not yet a full shinigami and hence has not sprouted wings of his own. He is capable of transforming into an anthropomorphic cat plushie. Takuto transforms Mitsuki into a 16-year-old to help her participate in a singing audition. 


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