Age: shortly after birth, mentally around human beings around the age of 20 s
    Gender: Female
    Species: cattle, part of minotaurs

    Special ability:

    ① Organic matter You can nourish anything. ② Even bigger items than yourself can be drunk round and digested indefinitely in a four dimensional stomach. ③ You can keep things swallowed in the 4D stomach bag for a certain period of time.
    ④ Because it was made based on Minotaur, it has the same power as heavy machinery and robustness of steel. 
    ⑤ Status abnormal complete tolerance. 
    ⑥ Full attribute correspondence for all attributes. 
    ⑦ As long as Leech is alive, she is immortal. 
    ⑧ Even when you are in the form of a cow, you can communicate perfectly with reach. 
    ⑨ Milk comes out all the year even if you do not lay calves. 
    【Special】Strange strangeMahalik Mahalita
    You can transform into a humanoid. When returning from a human figure to a cow shape, it consumes a large amount of calories, so you can not return when you are hungry. 


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