Maya Amano
    Maya Amano
    Age: 23
    Birthday: July 4
    Blood type: O
    Height: 168cm
    Other Name: 天野 舞耶
    Weight: 48kg
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Maya is a reporter for the teen magazine "Coolest." She is a very optimistic and cheerful young woman, whose motto is "Let's Positive Thinking!" (Engrish for its American counterpart, "Let's Be Positive!"). Maya became a journalist because of her late father, a war correspondent who was killed during a conflict. Her goal is to successfully balance work and family, in contrast to her father, who became distant from his wife and daughter. In reality, however, Maya is firmly committed to her job and is not interested in men. In Innocent Sin, Maya acts as a surrogate sister/mother figure to the other members of the group.

    Maya is armed with dual pink handguns. Her initial Persona is Maia, and her ultimate Persona is Artemis.