Jun Kurosu
    Jun Kurosu
    Age: 17
    Birthday: February 14
    Blood type: AB
    Height: 169cm
    Other name: 黒須 淳
    Weight: 51kg
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    Jun Kurosu is a senior student of Kasugayama High School after transferring from Seven Sisters High School due to students getting injured as a result of his Persona use. In Eternal Punishment, he is known as Jun Kashihara.

    Jun's character is defined by its ambivalent nature. On the outside, he is antisocial, introverted, calculating and willingly uses his beauty to manipulate other people. On the inside, however, Jun is rather warm, caring, highly protective of his friends and wants to fulfill the dreams and wishes of humanity, even if his means of achieving this are questionable. Additionally, he is afraid of getting marginalized by the society whose wishes he wants to come true. During the Aquarius Temple, he discusses the meaning of the sign and dismisses the idea of him having any of the positive traits, but the rest of the team assure him he's wrong. Due to his antisocial nature, he doesn't like group sports and instead prefers walking.

    In addition, Jun is into flower language (hanakotoba) and likes astrology. These personality traits are considered to be very feminine in Japan, further adding to his girl-like attitude. He is also highly intelligent; he has a patent for an orthopedic shoe, loves inventing and excels in maths and physics.

    In battle, Jun uses flowers. His initial Persona is Hermes, and his ultimate Persona is Chronos.