Lisa Silverman
    Lisa Silverman
    Age : 17
    Birthday: May 4
    Blood type: A
    Height: 165cm
    Other name: リサ・シルバーマン
    Weight: 50kg
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Lisa Silverman is a Caucasian girl raised in Sumaru City by her Japanophile parents. Despite her natural blond hair and blue eyes, she is unable to speak English; the misconception that she can is the cause of much confusion. However, she knows how to speak Cantonese (one of the southern Chinese dialects) in addition to her native Japanese, and often mixes both languages (often saying "Aiya!" and other Chinese expressions).

    Despite her appearance, Lisa usually acts cool to those she is not interested in, and even haughty to those she dislikes. This could be caused by the bullying and xenophobia she experienced from the other local children when she was very young. She is one of the more popular girls at Seven Sisters High School, and harbors a crush for Tatsuya because she thinks he is hot enough to boost her self-esteem.

    A martial arts fanatic, Lisa uses her own fists to defend herself, equipping gloves to improve the force impact.