Yamato Hino
Yamato Hino
Yamato Hino is the main protagonist of God Mazinger and the pilot of titular mecha. A gifted young sports enthusiast, he is transported to Mu through the prayers of Aila Mu to be their land's savior.

Yamato was an average high school student who was at first a reluctant hero. However spending time on Mu (especially with Aila) changed him into a person willing to stick up for the weaker man. He also has a strong desire to protect Aila, hinting feelings for her.

In the manga, he had a much more carefree and rebellious attitude who did not care much about academics or the state of the world in spite of the possibility of a nuclear war, this got him into a lot of heated arguments with his father. He said that he would want to live in the Sengoku period as he believed that was a time when the struggle for life actually meant something. Yamato would often use his psychic powers for mischief like making girl's skirts fly up.

Aila Mu. In all series, Aila served as Yamato's love interest. As she is the one who brought Yamato to Mu, Aila is the closest person to him and provides Yamato a place to live. Overtime, he falls in love with Aila and begins to use his power and the God Mazinger to protect her from threats.

Kaoru. In the anime, Yamato was close to his sister Kaoru Hino and promised her that he would return home. In the manga, Kaoru Asahi was his childhood friend who had feelings for him. While Kaoru would berate Yamato for his mischief, they were close and Yamato wanted to save Kaoru went they got separated. Yamato was disheartened when Kaoru was turned into a cat and killed by the God Mazinger's rampage.

Abilities and Powers
Yamato is a skilled athlete, having the ability to excel in anything he tries. This includes piloting the God Mazinger. In the manga he also has an innate psychic power, allowing him to utilize telekinesis and understand the language of Mu whether in writing or speech. He is also able to foresee the past and future. In the anime, he gains these powers over the course of the series. Like Koji Kabuto, Yamato possesses a strong will even in spite of near defeat and fighting in a strange world he knows little about.


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