Aila Mu
    Aila Mu
    Aila Mu is the queen of the continent Mu. Through her prayers for the hero to awaken the God Mazinger, she summoned Yamato Hino. Aila acts as the main support for Yamato in his fight against the Empire of Dinosaurs. In the manga, she and the God Mazinger have a role that could put the fate of Mu at risk.

    At some point in time, Aila became queen of Mu after the death of her predecessors. Desperate for help with the attacks from Dorado's Empire, she turned to the legends of the God Mazinger. In the manga, Aila is revealed to be a guardian chosen by the Creator to watch over humanity and whenever Ma would be present, she would summon the power of the God Mazinger through a pilot she summons. 

    Depending on the media, Aila has two different appearances. In the anime she has brown wavy hair with a dark blue dress and a crown. In the manga, Aila has straight and silky black hair with a red dress showing a cleavage and a different crown. On the battlefield she wore the armor used by the Mu Army.

    Aila is a kind and compassionate ruler, doing everything she can for her land even at the cost of her own happiness. She is very charismatic despite appearing to be in her teenage years. Aila has a great amount of faith in the God Mazinger and its controller. Over time she becomes attracted to Yamato as a person, implying deeper feelings for him. In fact, at the end of the manga it is her love for him that allowed the world to live on and they are to be together in the world through reincarnation.

    Aila is a charismatic leader who can put her people at ease with even in dire situations. She has some form of psychic abilities like a form of telepathy that she uses to call out to Yamato, this is more obvious in the manga where she can even teleport Yamato when they establish a mental link. 


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