Mura is a very optimistic, strong willed, corky, dedicated, young proud black woman. She has a positive personality, has above average intelligence. She’s a vegetarian, (she’s so dedicated she won’t even eat soy meat) and overly Hopeful. She a Boundless that has escaped ARCH somehow but in doing so (for some reason) has suffered from memory lost and the only thing she can remember is that she has a little brother who needs her help. So she traveled all over Japan looking for anyone her age and black. (it’s the only lead she’s got.) She meets Karasu and mistakes him for her brother. After seeing Karasu powers she pleads him to help her find her real brother. Karasu decides to help her. Her Boundless powers is super human agility and is a master self taught martial artist. This might not be a great superpower but over time her true potential will grow.


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