Karasu is the main hero. At the very start of the series he is emotionally lost and socially uncomfortable but over time with his friend will help him grow. He is a child with unlimited ability but do to a past event he is too scared of himself and what he is so he suppress them and gave himself rules and limits to make him feel more human and less dangerous. The theme of the story is about Karasu trying to have self-confidence and break the mental chains that suppresses him, his limitless powers, and his control. So far he can only access a small portion of his limitless powers with different “Power Forms” but can only be activated when he is severe danger like facing a enemy with power. His powers are also designed to only match the strength of is threat in a level playing field so he can’t overpower his enemies on his own and if the enemy has no power then neither does he. During the series you will see different Power Forms and how his powers work and how he has more “flexibility” with them then any other Boundless and what he truly is. As for his weird eyes there is a story to them but we’ll reveal that later in the series. all you need to know is that they give Karasu the ability to see peoples souls by direct eye contact and see there cherish memories. He can make them look normal if he concentrates and wears glasses so he can’t accidentally look at someones soul and invade their privacy. He meets two extraordinary friends, Mura and Ronin. He grows close with them and keeps them for killing each other.


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