Megumi Katou
    Megumi Katou
    Age: 16
    BWH: 84-57-83
    Birthday: September 23
    Height: 160 cm

    Megumi is the girl in the summer dress that Tomoya Aki met during "fate's summons," on top of the hill. Tomoya feels like she is the most beautiful girl he has seen, and soon after, he is inspired to make a dating sim game, with her as the main heroine. However, he is initially disappointed in her real personality as she is an extremely normal girl, to the point where Tomoya didn't even realize that he was classmates with her. She is also very stealthy, and due to her lack of presence, people forget that she is in the room. However, soon after, Megumi agrees to be the model of the main heroine in Tomoya's game.