Mia Watanabe
    Mia Watanabe
    Other Names: Mia-chan, Mie-chan

    First introduced in Chapter 1, 'The Phoenix and the Girl', Mie is one of the protagonists and the heroine alongside Phoenix.

    She's 11 years old and has black hair and is sometimes clumsy.

    She has a fondness for bows as can be seen in how black ones adorn her uniform, a white one ties her hair, and red ones tie her shoes. Her favourite colours are white and pink.

    She has a dog she calls Pes and lives under the care of her absent-minded butler Yamada-san who helps to take care of Pes and knows his true name.

    From as wealth family, she normally takes a limousine to school. She sits in seat 17 in class 5-3 at Machida Municipal Elementary School.

    Unbeknownst to her the nation-wide Lolicon Network awarded her the "best little girl of 2005" award.