Nana Hayashida
    Nana Hayashida
    A second year student and Banri and Kouko's senior in the Festival Research Society.

    Her nickname Linda (りんだ) is an alternate reading of the kanji for Hayashida (林田).

    Banri's friend during high school and his romance interest; she now follows him and keeps an eye out for him, though he cannot remember her at all. She kept their shared past hidden from Banri until Banri found an old photograph of him with her; apparently they were very close. It has been revealed that she was confessed to by Banri after their graduation but she couldn't give an answer right-away. Banri never got to know what her answer was as he had the accident that resulted in him losing all his memories from the past in the very place he was waiting for her to give him a reply. She held herself responsible ever since that fateful night.

    Later when she was asked by the current Tada Banri what would have been her reply in that fateful night, she said it would have been obviously a "No." However, strong indication is left that she told him the exact opposite to her real answer because by now he has started going out with Kouko.

    It is revealed later on that she really still has feelings for Banri when she met him outside the hospital he escaped from while her being represented to have enormous guilt towards Banri's accident before losing his memories. She even tells him it was already too late for her to reach him and save him by holding his hands tight. When Banri asks her what message she wants him to deliver, Linda talks about supporting him to do his best yet she adds she must not talk that way and therefore changing what she wants to tell him afterwards. Banri doesn't remember her final words, however. Also, when Ghost Banri finally "comes out of present Banri" Linda runs to him, saying that the answer would've been "Yes!" to his confession Banri is calling her "Barbara."


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