Miu Anai
    Miu Anai
    She is taken over by Parasite・M. Age: 8

    She ends up killing the people in the cafeteria under the influence of Parasite・M before she is defeated.

    Yoruka and Akuta are killed by Parasite・M, but she is spared by her because she had previously lent her body to her.

    After witnessing Akuta regenerate and defeat Parasite・M with inhuman powers, she becomes enamored by him, going as far as referring to him as "God." He is her current love-interest, but he is not interested in her.

    Age: 28 (currently)
    After Akuta regenerates and goes to kill Tsukune, she is left alone and is hit by an amplified Kronos・M, which sent her into the past by 20 years instead of 10. Shortly afterwards, the world is destroyed and remade, which made her unable to return to the past of her original timeline, effectively sending her to an alternate past's timeline, before she and everyone else (excluding Akuta, who would have been three years old) were born, throwing her into isolation. 

    During her 20th birthday, she witnessed herself in that world being born and watched herself grow up from afar, deciding to keep a distance in order to maintain order and prevent a paradox from occurring. Her knowledge of an impending Magical Girl Disaster influenced her to prepare for the event and try to find out who was behind the entire thing, when she is confronted by Parasite・M and a mysterious individual from the future who tells her they are in need of her help.

    Currently, her and Parasite・M as well as the other magical girls, who are a "subspecies" of Magical Girls, are very close and possess a friendly relationship with one another. Miu even goes as far as hugging several of the Magical Girls and telling everyone else to get along with them because they're their allies now.


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