Blood Lake Sierra Vise Ell
    Blood Lake Sierra Vise Ell
    Age: About 220
    Gender: Male
    Date of birth: Unknown
    Hair: Moonlight color
    Eye color: Bluish Gray
    Hobby: Nothing in particular
    Specialty: His hair lengthens by itself (according to Ishuca)
    Motto: To be insolent (according to Ishuca)
    Blood Type: B
    He is the leader who commands the demons of the north.
    A pure blood absolute demon born between demons, along with his perfect appearances, he is highly popular among demons. In the demon hunt 60 years ago, he was captured by the temple and sealed in ice a cave in the west. Released through his meeting with Ishuca. It's while traveling, with him that he learns to love humans, and becomes a demon that lives for the sake of another (Ishuca).


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