Akane Sakurada
    Akane Sakurada

    Age: 15
    Birth month: March
    Ability: Gravity Core


    Akane is the fourth of the nine Sakurada children and the third oldest daughter. She is extremely shy and doesn't like to stand out. She wants to become the next monarch to ban the use of surveillance cameras of the royal family. Despite her shyness, she has a strong sense of justice and is her class representative. For a while, Aoi and Kanade, wanting Akane to become more confident and less shy, gave her an alter-ego as the super hero named Scarlett Bloom basing her on a fictional television superhero she likes. Akane thought she had a great disguise not knowing that the citizens and the Sakurada siblings were all aware of her true identity and only played along. Her ability makes her able to manipulate the gravity of herself and anyone she touches, as well as allowing her to increase her speed and strength.


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