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Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai
The former holder of the title "Number Two," Afro is out to hunt down Justice, the man who killed his father for the rank of "Number One." From the time he was a child, Afro honed his skills as a swordsman; his style typically consists of wielding his sword with only his right hand while his left continues to hold on to his sheath, although during his fight with Jinno, he held his sword with both hands to compensate for Jinno's dual wielding speed. He is a very quiet individual, likely because the life of the "Number Two" does not allow him to have any close relationships with anyone, so when approached by others he says very little, if anything.

Although he seems cold, he is still haunted by his memories and past relationships; Justice later remarks that Afro, like his father, is still "soft inside." He also has a fondness for lemonade.


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