Chrome Dokuro
Chrome Dokuro

Age: 13
Date of Birth: December 5
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Weapon: Trident, Daemon Spade's Devil Lens
Flame: Mist
Box Animal: Vongola Mist Owl


Chrome Dokuro is a 13-year-old girl who was first introduced as Tsuna's mysterious Mist Guardian and one of Mukuro's subordinates.

Due to her once anti-social life as Nagi, she never opens up to anyone except Mukuro, and always gets confused and shy when someone is kind to her since she had never imagined that her existence could be accepted by people. Because of her nature, some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful. She also lacked confidence and used to tend on Mukuro for help, despite her own desire to become stronger. However, as the story progress, she becomes determined to become independent to help the people who are dear to her with her own power and started to interact with the others. Her main goal is to one day converse with Mukuro in Italian.

Chrome is a talented illusionist and fighter, something that Mukuro has pointed out, stating that she has a quality to become independent soldier. Even though at first she's mostly assisted by Mukuro, her own illusions gradually improves to the point only an expert can see through it, as stated by Mammon. This further proven when she's able to create illusionary organs with her own power and supported Mukuro's illusions that even Mukuro commented to be stronger from Flan.

The Japanese roumaji of her name, Kuroumu Dokuro, is an anagram of Mukuro Rokudo.


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