Nami Aoi
    Nami Aoi
    Sora's twin sister who looks identical to him. When they were children, she'd often pretend to be Sora. Even through they look alike, their personality are polar opposites. Unlike the quiet and well demeanored Sora, she has a strong and stubborn attitude. She often forces Sora to cosplay for her own amusement. She's secretly in love with Kana. In spite of this, she's actively trying to get Kana and Sora together.
    Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka
    Midori Shirayuki (白雪 碧)
    Eventually, she snaps when she sees them having sex after a successful date (which she assumed wouldn't be). In a rage, she almost snips off Sora's penis with scissors, thinking that could be why Kana prefers him over herself.
    Despite not going through with it, she angrily rapes him on the spot, fantasizing about Kana.
    Once she comes to her senses, she threatens to snip it off if he tells anyone.
    Later, she thinks about how her attraction to Kana seemed more like an obsession than anything else.
    With this in mind, she ponders over how Kana could like Sora, and how Sora and herself drifted away as they grew up.
    With the previous tension still lingering, she asks Sora if he hates her. With mixed feelings of guilt, lust, and mild infatuation she asks if they could "do it again". They then start a sexual relationship.


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