Takeru Edogawa
    Takeru Edogawa
    Edowaga Takeru is the main male lead in this series. When we first meet him, we see him as a delinquent who's used to getting everything his way. Since his father is the school's principal, none of the teachers dare to stand up against him. Therefore, he's able to get whatever he wants and he will do anything for it. He is also very good-looking and is considered the most popular boy in the school. He's dubbed "Prince of Attraction" by his female fans. His class is a complete mess and consists of strange kids that form his gang. 

    However, as the manga progresses, we see that there's a softer and kinder side within him. He protects and cherishes those close to him. He is also extremely intuitive and seems to understand everyone's pain and how to help them. He's also very childish at times (such as wanting Kayano to hold his hand while he sleeps). 

    He's also very prideful. He doesn't allow anyone to scold or poke fun at him (except for Kayano). He hardly ever admits that he's wrong and if he was wrongly accused of something, he would rather show you that he's innocent as opposed to telling you. He's also very blunt with his words. He doesn't beat around the bush. Instead, he would tell you how he feels up front. 

    When Takeru was in middle school, he would get into a lot of fights, however, we learn later on, that in most instances, he fought to protect others. Takeru is the type of person that you could rely on and because of that, his many followers admire and respect him. On the other hand, he has never learned to depend on someone else. He holds his own troubles within himself so that it wouldn't bother others. 

    On the outside, he acts very confident and sure about himself. He's almost always composed. However, he has his own fair share of insecurities. As a child, he was extremely neglected by his busy parents who never had the time for him. Basically, he grew up alone and he carries those scars with him when we meet him. He didn't really open up to anyone. Of course, that soon begins to change and his cold heart begins to warm up. 

    Being the oldest son, Takeru is expected to take over the school after his father retires. This heavy responsibility is not something he wants to bare. Personally, I don't think becoming a principal suits Takeru at all. However, he knows his duty and responsibility and accepts it. 

    Overall, Takeru is a pretty complex character. You never know what he will say or how he will react. But, he is very kind and instinctively looks out for everyone. Plus, he's gorgeous and oh-so-adorab


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