Syaoran Li
    Syaoran Li
    Age: 14, 23 (currently)
    Birthday: April 1st
    Gender: Male
    Other names: Brat, kid, Little Puppy/Doggie
    Powers: Highly skilled martial artist, Expert archeologist, Skilled Swordsman, Excellent use of magic, spells, barriers, and detection.
    Mysterious person kept asleep in a liquid chamber at Fei Wong Reed's palace, with his left eye covered by a piece of cloth, his hands and arms by binding spells and wearing clothes marking Fei Wong Reed's bat symbol.

    Syaoran Name: Syaoran's name is Chinese in origin, commonly romanized from Chinese as Xiaolang. His given name, Syaoran (小狼), in both Chinese and Japanese, means "little wolf". His last name, Li (李), is a common Chinese surname, meaning "plum". In Korea and occasionally in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is romanized as Lee.

    In Horitsuba Gakuen, he is Syaoran's twin brother called Syaoron (シャオロン, 小龍).


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