Mokona Modoki
    Mokona Modoki
    A replica of a dimensional god Mokona made by Clow Reed and Yuuko.

    Soel was created specifically for Sakura, as a counter-measure for certain events foretold to happen in her journey by Clow Reed. It is "the thing" given to tsubasa crew as a means to travel between dimensions.

    Soel, is more energetic and cheerful than its counterpart, Black Mokona, Larg. Soel likes to tease the tsubasa team members, especially Kurogane.

    Soel's main functions include dimensional travel, universal translator and communicating with Black Mokona. It is later revealed that these functions are part of his "108 Secret Skills".

    Soel bears an earring on her right ear, while Larg has one on his left ear.


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