Akira Shiraishi
    Akira Shiraishi

    Age: 16
    Birthday: August 15
    Zodiac: Leo
    Height: 162 cm
    Weight: 43 kg
    Blood Type: B
    Hobby: Karate, Martial arts
    Strong point: Is nice to girls
    Weak point: Selfishness
    Favorite food: Desserts (sweets in general)
    Favorite girl type: Beauties
    Favorite sport: Long-distance run 
    Favorite subject: Music


    The male lead of the series, Akira may look like an innocent bishōnen on the surface; he is, after all, the "princess" of his school. However, he is actually quite calculative and cruel if he needs to, or is angered. Disregarding the odds seemingly stacked against him, he seeks out Mizuki as a date. He's also the lead vocalist of Mizuki's band, the Blue Roses (BR for short), and the shortest member. In St. Nobara, only the other members of BR know that he's a guy, until his secret becomes known to Misaki Doujima (see below). He's rather adept at drawing out Mizuki's feminine side, who in turn knows about his "dark side", as she puts it. He's also lecherous, as Mizuki finds out to her horror. Oddly, his weakness is milk; he cannot stand the smell of the liquid, and even trembles if he sees it.

    He's the youngest son in the family. His father is a famous boxer, and his three elder brothers are all martial artists in their own right. Due to Akira's reputation in school, they refuse to allow any students from Dankaisan to enter their house. Akira's mother passed away soon after his birth. Despite having a "dark side", one thing is certain about Akira: he would not allow Mizuki to come to harm in any way.


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